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Posting - 30 Day Extended Distribution

  • Job & Candidate Management Tools
  • Total Talent Reach Distribution
  • Candidate Resume Boost
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Product Description

Online Only Posting - 30 Day Extended Distribution - We campaign your recruitment ad out through Google for Jobs to over 470 plus job and industry sites like ZipRecruiter, GlassDoor, and Jobs2Careers. We have taken the guess work out of deciding which job board aggregators to use. Your Online Only job posting on, a member of The Job Network, will receive unparalleled regional exposure by targeting our expansive network of relevant niche sites, search engines, and social networks. Additionally, we actively optimize your posting to reach up to 37 million candidates. Unlike other job boards, your job will also be matched with passive candidates from our vast resume database! This means your job reaches active and passive candidates in one simple process that is priced with tremendous value relative to the competition. Plus Email Boost where we send out invitations to candidates with a 70% matching score or higher to apply.

Job & Candidate Management Tools

An online employer account allowing you to easily manage your job posting as well as manage and track your recruitment process.

  • Real-Time Job Matching – saves time by letting our software screen, grade and rank candidates, based on qualifications for your job’s requirements
  • Manage Job Postings –compose, post, edit, and repost jobs in real-time as well as monitor, measure and track job posting performance, including job views and applies
  • Manage Candidates–view applicants and resume database matches along with their match criteria and match score
  • Track Progress–write notes, track status and send messages to candidates in real-time with a built-in applicant tracking system (ATS)

Total Talent Reach Distribution
Your job posting is promoted on hundreds of relevant job aggregators, national sites, industry sites, and local sites. Our system will optimize your campaign budget and CPC rate and adjust them real-time across hundreds of sites.

Candidate Resume Boost
Candidate Resume Boost automatically matches your job to qualified candidates from the combined resume database of hundreds of job sites on TheJobNetwork®. as well as from Indeed® and LinkedIn®. TheJobNetwork®. Candidate matches are delivered instantly to your online employer account. Get immediate results as soon as your posting goes live, with candidates that are screened ranked and graded, all for you without you having to do all of the time-consuming searching yourself. In addition, CRB can pull in and grade matched candidates from Indeed*, and find match candidates across LinkedIn*. *Additional charges to contact Indeed and LinkedIn candidates may apply.

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